A Pocket Guide to Confession

In this Year of Mercy, this booklet makes a very handy, easily accessible resource. Have you been putting off going to confession? Do you feel it’s been too long or your sins are too great? As our Lord once said “Fear not, for I am with you” (Isaiah 41:10). Confession is a wonderful, vital sacrament, a great gift Christ has given us in His church (see John 20:23) to cleanse ourselves of our sins. Through the Sacrament of Penance, as it is more formally called, we are also renewed in His grace and strengthened in our battle against our sinful natures.  Author Michael Dubruiel has designed this book for, as he puts it a “varied group” including those who:

  • Confess regularly
  • Are becoming Catholic
  • Are making their first Confession
  • Have been away from this Sacrament for a sometime, and last but by no means least:
  • Are waiting for a “sign” that God can forgive whatever horrible sin has been committed.

As he continues in his Introduction, “In this book you will find

  • Answers to basic questions about Confession
  • Helps to preparing to make a good Confession by examining your conscience and praying before you celebrate the sacrament
  • A walk through the sacrament
  • How to use the experience of the Apostle Peter as a model for your own ongoing conversion to Jesus Christ”

The author has also thoughtfully included some prayers to say before and after confession as well as some helpful scripture passages. Make use of this valuable guide to help you with one of God’s special sacraments! Paperback 78pp.