The Heart of Catholic Prayer

Do you pray the Our Father and the Hail Mary on a regular basis? Would you like to have a better appreciation of these two great prayers? Let renowned author and columnist Mark Shea take you on a journey for a deeper understanding of the Our Father and the Hail Mary. He discusses each line of these wonderful prayers in short but quite thoughtful chapters. Mr. Shea delves into their richness without going over anyone’s head as he examines them in both an historical as well as a personal context. He also shows us how important they are for our Catholic faith.

As Mr. Shea writes in his introduction “To learn and understand the Our Father and the Hail Mary is to learn the deepest contours of the Church’s interior life, for both are prayers that come from the Holy Spirit, who is the soul of the Church.” He makes us more aware of the importance, not just of these two prayers, but of prayer itself, as a great means of drawing closer our Lord and his Blessed Mother for guidance and grace! The publishers are quite right when they say “Experience the ordinary truths of the Faith that the Church has always taught….Upon completion of this book, you will never recite either of these prayers in the same way again.” Paperback; 158pp.