The Secret of the Rosary

Does this book’s title make you think that the Rosary is some kind of intricate puzzle? Do you feel you don’t quite “get” this wonderful prayer? Don’t worry! St. Louis de Montfort, the 18th century champion of devotion to the Rosary, can help put your mind at ease.  In meditating on the life, death and glory of Jesus and Mary in the mysteries of the Rosary we can draw closer to them as we honor and imitate their virtues. This short but highly readable book makes that easier to do than it sounds! 

In this classic work de Montfort shows us how the Rosary is a beautiful gift both to and from our Blessed Mother. Drawing on 15th century writings, he traces its history to Our Lady’s request to St. Dominic to “preach my Psalter,” as she first called it, it in 1214. He recounts many other revelations from both Mary and her divine Son over the centuries concerning its tremendous spiritual value. Our Lady gives those who pray the Rosary regularly with devotion graces they need for their salvation.

Saint Louis also relates that Mary has revealed to several people that “each time they say a Hail Mary they are giving her a beautiful rose, and that each complete Rosary makes her a crown of roses.” Keeping with the floral theme, the chapters in this book are called “roses.” There are more than 50 here, all fairly brief, and they make a wonderful bouquet of their own in detailing the history of this prayer and explaining what makes it so special. These “roses” include:

  • Stories of how praying the Rosary has helped people in all walks of life, including Kings and Queens!
  • In depth meditations on the Our Father and the Hail Mary
  • A look at the fifteen mysteries; (remember, this was written before John Paul II’s addition of five additional mysteries in 2002)
  • Suggestions on how best to recite the rosary (and how to deal with distractions)
  • The spiritual rewards that can come from reciting the rosary on a regular basis
  • Information on the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary (and some updated information on how you can join this organization. You pay your  “dues” to them by praying the rosary regularly)
  • Information on indulgences you can gain through the Rosary 
This edition also features:
  • Some suggested ways of praying the mysteries
  • Updated information on indulgences
  • Inspiring quotes in the value of the Rosary from various members of the clergy and from our Lady herself!
All in all it’s not hard to see how The Secret of the Rosary has sold over 5 million copies in this edition alone in since it was first published in the 1960’s, some 300 years after de Montfort’s death! This wonderfully straightforward guide can help you to be inspired, not intimidated, by the Rosary! 130pp.; Paperback