The Pieta Prayer Book

This classic collection was first published in the early 1970’s when, as the publishers put it, “a gentleman in southwest Michigan, Harry Faulhaber, wanted a spiritual gift to leave with people when making home visits on behalf of his parish.” With the help of his wife and a friend, he compiled their favorite prayers into a little booklet, and published 1000 copies to give away. It became so popular that over 30 years later over 8 million copies of the Pieta Prayer Book are now in print all over the world!

It’s not hard to see why. This booklet is truly a treasure trove. It includes, among many other prayers:
  • The Angelus, a Spiritual Communion, and the Guardian Angel Prayer
  • A short Way of the Cross and the Prayer Before A Crucifix
  • The Prayer of St. Gertrude for the Holy Souls in Purgatory
  • The Prayer to St. Michael, the Anima Christi, and the Litany of Humility
It also features some inspiring quotes on prayer from such towering figures in our faith as St. Pio, St. Jean-Marie Vianney, and Our Lord Himself! (For example, Jesus said of the Golden Arrow prayer, included in this booklet, that it could “heal the wounds inflicted by blasphemy.”) The publishers have thoughtfully included an index for all the prayers as well. The Pieta Prayer Book is like having a retreat you can fit in your pocket! 80 pp.; Paperback