Prayers and Heavenly Promises

This Catholic prayer book is a special favorite of ours. It’s like a pocket-sized encyclopedia of various prayers, devotions and revelations that will bring you closer to our Lord and His Blessed Mother.

Editor Joan Carroll Cruz has included both popular prayers like the Our Father and the Memorare and many good lesser-known ones like the Golden Arrow and St. Teresa’s Bookmark as well. She has thoughtfully grouped prayers and devotions into such topics as:

  • Morning and Night Prayers
  • The Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • The Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Prayers of Reparation
  • The Poor Souls in Purgatory
In addition, Joan Carroll Cruz includes many stories in this book from tradition. For example: did you know there’s a prayer in here one nun recited every day that took her straight to heaven? Or the promises our Lady made to those who faithfully recite the Rosary?
Speaking of heavenly promises, this little volume is chock full of many approved revelations our Lord and Our Lady have given religious and others over the centuries. These include:
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe’s words to Juan Diego (along with the prayer to her)
  • Our Lord’s advice to Gabrielle Bossis: “From time to time during the day, repeat a little phrase such as ‘This is for you, My Jesus’ It will warm your heart and bring balm to Mine.”
  • Christ’s revelations to St. Faustina concerning His Divine Mercy (along with His famous Divine Mercy Chaplet)
There are even some illustrations in this book! The publishers call Prayers and Heavenly Promises “a key to obtaining many rich graces and blessings.” Let it be our Lord’s key to your heart (and yours to His) as well! 130 pp;  Paperback.