Prayer Book for Young Catholics

Are you looking for a great prayer book to help bring a teenager or young adult closer to our faith? Are you yourself in one of those age groups and are looking for a handy guide to many of Catholicism's great prayers and devotions? This book can fill the bill quite nicely! Father Robert J. Fox includes a treasure trove of great prayers in this volume, all in fewer than 200 pages! This book includes such basic prayers as the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be, of course, but also Litanies, Prayers to Saints, Prayers to Our Lady, and Prayers for Mass and for various times during the Liturgical Year. You'll also find here:

  • Prayers for Confession (along with an Examination of Conscience)
  • Prayers of Thanksgiving and Petition
  • Aspirations (various short prayers we can offer God throughout our day)
  • The Rosary and the Way of the Cross
  • A short suggested ten-point "Family Spiritual Program"
  • Even a special brief section entitled "Basics of the Faith"

We recommend this book, not just for young people, but for anyone who would like a good guide to help them with their prayer lives. As Father Fox says in his introduction, "Our faith must become alive in the ordinary events of daily living. The use of this prayer book will help you to make your entire life a prayer. It was Jesus who said that we should 'pray always.'" Amen! 190pp; Paperback