Mysteries of the Rosary

This booklet takes you through 20 important events in the lives of Jesus and Mary in a wonderfully accessible, even inviting, format. First the editors give a brief lesson in how to say the rosary, with the appropriate prayers included. Then they cover each mystery by featuring:

  • Scriptural verses or other thoughts for meditation following each “Hail Mary"
  • Striking color illustrations from stained glass art for each mystery
  • Suggestions for further reading on each mystery from the Gospels
As they put it in the introduction, “in meditating upon the Mysteries, those who pray the Rosary immerse themselves in the Gospel…the purpose of this booklet is to make that immersion more complete.” That they certainly do, in only 56 pages!
The editors have also included the famous Magnificat prayer (Mary’s hymn of praise to God) and a listing of Our Lady’s feast days to round out this little book. The quality of paper used and the color artwork give Mysteries of the Rosary a “coffee table book” feel, yet it’s only a 4 ½” x 6 ¾” paperback. Take it with you for inspiration! 56 pp.; Paperback