Confession - Its Fruitful Practice
This booklet is a great guide to Confession. Has it been a while since your last confession? Do you feel either you have nothing to confess or that your sins are too great for God’s forgiveness? Let this little booklet help disabuse you of both of these mistaken notions! God’s mercy is always there for us as we need it! And we can always use the good “spiritual housecleaning” we can get from examining our consciences and availing ourselves of this important Sacrament. Confession- It’s Fruitful Practice covers, among other things:
  • The five things necessary for a good confession
  • Perfect and imperfect contrition
  • Confession of venial and mortal sins
  • Sacrilegious confessions
  • Good questions to ask in an Examination of Conscience
  • An easy method of going to Confession
This booklet is a great addition to any library for those who wish a short, but detailed summary about the Sacrament of Penance and its benefit for souls!