Devotion to the Holy Face

This moving booklet pays tribute to our Lord in His Passion by means of spreading Devotion to His Holy Face. It includes a number of prayers for this devotion from such towering figures in our faith as St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Augustine. The authors point out that meditating on Christ’s Passion is a great way to advance in Holiness and draw ever closer to our Suffering Savior who gave us all His all on the Cross, so that we might have Eternal Life! The Devotion to the Holy Face is an especially good way to make reparation for all the insults and blasphemies Our Lord endured at Calvary and has continued to endure over the centuries. Besides the prayers mentioned above, and a number of others, this booklet also includes quite a few insights and features in its eight chapters including:

  • The history of the famous Veil of Veronica, on which our Lord wiped His face and left its imprint on the way to Calvary (as in the cover illustration at left)
  • Thoughts on this devotion from St. Gertrude, St. Mechtilde, and Sister Mary of St. Peter
  • Meditations on Jesus’ Holy Face at various times in His life, from His Childhood through the Resurrection
  • The power of the Holy Face over sinners

Christ Himself once told Sister Mary of St. Peter that “those who on earth venerate My wounded Countenance will once behold It in Heaven all resplendent in glory.” Comfort our Lord here on earth in this devotion, that you may have His comfort for all Eternity! 64 pp. Paperback