Devotion to the Sacred Heart

This booklet discusses this important devotion in loving detail! It starts out with an inspiring quote from Our Lord that captures the spirit of, and reason for, devotion to His Sacred Heart. Jesus told St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, a 17th century French nun who helped spread this devotion far and wide, to “Announce it, and let it be announced to the whole world, that I set neither limit nor measure to My gifts of grace for those who seek them in My Heart!” The Sacred Heart Devotion includes receiving Communion in a spirit of atonement and reparation for the many ways Jesus is insulted and ignored, even by those who should love Him the most, our fellow Catholics! This booklet also includes the special promise our Lord has made to those who receive Him in Communion for nine consecutive First Fridays of each month. (This is by no means as difficult as it may sound!) As He expressed it, “my Divine Heart shall be their last refuge [before death].” The authors also cover the importance of venerating the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which is on fire (with His love for us) and surrounded by thorns (from humanity’s ingratitude and coldness towards Him). And, of course, there are special prayers listed here, including a morning offering, a prayer before receiving communion in reparation, and a novena to the sacred heart. Comfort our Lord, and be comforted by Him as well, in this very special devotion! 68 pp, Paperback