Confession: A Little Book for the Reluctant

Has it been a while since your last Confession? Have you been putting it off because you’re nervous about it? Don’t be! This well-titled “little book for the reluctant” tackles many common misgivings people have with the Sacrament of Penance. It was written in the mid 19th century by Msgr. Louis Gaston de Segur, a celebrated French Catholic author who sought in his writings to make our wonderful faith more accessible to all, including those who ignored religion entirely. This volume is as relevant today as it was when it first came out. Mr. de S. covers some 33 different obstacles people put in the way of going to confession including topics, phrased in the form of objections, such as these listed below (Do any of these sound familiar to you?):

  • “Of what use is Confession?”
  • “What Good Is It to Tell All We Do To a Priest, a Man Like Other Men?”
  • “I Have Committed Sins Too Great to Pardon”
  • “I Am Not Well Disposed Now; I will Go Later”
  • “There Was a Time I Went To Confession, but It Did Not Hinder Me from Falling Again.”
  • “The Priest May Tell What I Say to Him.”

He also covers such important topics such as “Why It is Not Sufficient to Confess to God Alone”, and even includes a brief section entitled “How to Go to Confession”. All this has the aim of helping people to partake of this important Sacrament our Lord gave us for the forgiveness of sins, to draw closer to Him, and to be more worthy of Eternal Life. As Msgr. De Segur says in part in answering the first question listed above: “What use is confession? Every use. It serves to restore us to peace with God when we have had the misery to offend Him; it serves to give us peace of heart, true happiness and true joy.” Read this booklet, and prepare to experience the Peace of Christ in cleaning your soul and clearing your conscience! Paperback 76 pp